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Press Release for Catalyst!


University of Ottawa- Catalyst Promises Show of the Year

December 1st, 2011 6-9 PM on the 4th floor of Colonel By Hall. (The Pilot Laboratory)

How can there be understanding in the absence of sight? In the modern world, our education dares us to comprehend concepts that are inherently difficult to see or describe because they lack a direct connection to our senses. How can we eliminate the disconnect between a reality that exists in front of us and complex scientific processes that exist beyond our field of understanding? Enter Catalyst.


Catalyst: The Art and Science Experiment is an exhibition of local contemporary art that will be launched at the University of Ottawa’s Pilot Laboratory.  This event is a one-night show that will feature artists whose work explores the dialogue between art and science.  The exhibition is curated by seven students from the Department of Visual Arts in correspondence with the faculty of Biological and Chemical Engineering.  Catalyst seeks to create a more unified campus and is one of four winter shows that work to spread art throughout campus. The students are working under the direction of Dr. Celina Jeffery and her ‘Curating for Contemporary Art’ practicum course.


This Catalyst Team is pleased to feature the works of Laura Taler, Alison O’Connor and Cindy Stelmakowich. These pieces utilize laboratory materials to unite the concept of beauty with scientific abstraction. Andie Haltrich and Janet Tam examine the use of unconventional forms to represent key scientific concepts at the microscopic and macroscopic level. Lastly, Irina Lyubchenko, Susan Gardiner and Katie Wilde integrate processes of change and degradation as a means of revealing the state of flux and natural equilibrium that goes unseen.


The Pilot Laboratory will serve as a place where ideas can be swapped, minds can meet and thought provoking art can be viewed alongside the latest in high tech scientific equipment. Light food and beverage services, artist talks and a curator presentation are planned throughout the course of the exhibition.  More details are available at the official site:


University of Ottawa:

1st of December 2011, Open: 6-9 PM

Colonel By Hall, 161 Louis Pasteur, Ottawa.

Admission: Free, open to the public


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